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Ben van Bergen is an Amsterdam (The Netherlands) -born writer/actor/producer living in New York City.

He first visited New York City in the tumultuous 80's right out of high school on a Dutch government grant for a performing arts project, which included writing of an instruction manual for a NYC performing arts high school.

He taught percussion and performed in Europe as a singer and musician, tutor, and accompanied dance academies and private dance schools and occasionally worked as an actor. Since 1994 he has been professionally engaged in the U.S. as an actor, where he studied privately with several mentors including Eve Collyer, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, where he was also active in Union politics.[1] He occasionally travels to the EU and is in the process of creating an international film project.

He is currently working on development of four short films and two features and is involved in "Anna Doranna, LLC" a feature film company, and 'LESDT', a Lower East Side development company for intellectual properties. A number of the projects he was involved with are listed on imdb (incomplete listing), but international audiences may know him from supporting roles in films or as a principal on- and off camera in commercials.

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