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The Ashington and West Auckland derby is a quite heated derby in the Northern League.


Start of a Derby[edit]

Ashington and West Auckland never used to be a derby until 28 April 2012. This was a match that if West Auckland won they would win the Northern League, when Ashington scored their third goal to make it 3–1,[1] West Auckland fans started a fight with a few Ashington fans and the West Auckland bench started to through rocks at the Ashington fans.

West Auckland Fans[edit]

The main reason why this derby began is because of the West Auckland fans where they have had numerous occasions of fighting.[2]

Ashington 3–1 West Auckland[edit]

This is the very game where the violence began West Auckland got an early penalty which was saved by Ashington keeper Karl Dryden. Shortly afterwards in the 9th minute West Auckland striker Mattie Moffat headed home to make it 1–0 to the visitors. Almost straight after kick off in the 10th minute Ashington's Marc Walton netted home to make it 1–1. There were a few chances after that Ashington centre back Liam Atkin could have made it 2–1 to the home side but skewed his shot. In the 76th minute Ashington striker Marc Walton converted a James Taylor cross to make it 2–1 giving him his second goal of the game. In the 85th minute of the game is when the derby began the West Auckland goalkeeper came off his line and Marc Walton netted a superb chip from 25 yards giving him his hattrick and the visitors a 3–1 lead. Then in the main standing stand a West Auckland fan hit Ashington's Andrew Dugdale's dad, Dugdale then hit the guy who hit his dad and it scaled into a 10 man brawl. However the game was not abandoned and it finished 3–1.[1]

Biggest wins[edit]

Ashington 5–1: (H) 21 January 2014

West Auckland 2–1 (H): 7 September 2013, 3–2 (A): 8 September 2012


Highest attendances[edit]

Ashington510Ashington 3–1 West Auckland28 April 2012
West Auckland157West Auckland 2–1 Ashington7 September 2013

Lowest attendances[edit]

Ashington204Ashington 5–1 West Auckland21 January 2014
West Auckland152West Auckland 2–2 Ashington9 February 2013


Total PlayedAshington winsWest Auckland winsDrawsAshington goalsWest Auckland goals
FA Cup101023


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