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Alberto S. Gallerani, M.D.

Born La Serna, Chile October 1, 1965

Currently Dr. Gallerani is The Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Medici Institute for Plastic Surgery and the Medici Institute Medical Spa located in Miami and New York.

Dr. Gallerani received his Medical Degree from the University of California at Los Angeles.

He was Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital 2004

His medical and professional career includes post graduate advanced degrees from Harvard Medical School. He is a voluntary professor of Anatomy at The University of Miami and an adjunct professor of Plastic Surgery for Ross University Medical School.

Creator of the "MEDICI STAR BREAST LIFT" as seen on channel 7 news, The Best of South Florida and in NEW BEAUTY MAGAZINE - The only internal bra breast lift without traditional scars.

Medici Institute for Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in the enclave of Miami known as, Aventura, Florida is a full service spa that has a confidential list of Elite International clientel that includes CEO's of International companies (South America, Russia and Europe), actors, writers, fashion and beauty editors and models. The who's who of the Miami and New York social scenes have been known to secure appoitments with the Doctor months in advance for beautiful natural results, extreme privacy and confidentiality. Dr. Gallerani is most noted for his world famous Medici Star Breast Lift and the research he proformed at UCLA with Dr. Lou Ignarro, nobel prize laurette.

Personal Life

  • Divorced in 1998, 1 Daughter
  • Lives and works NYC and Miami
  • Distance Cyclist and avid scultor and painter. Shows his paintings and scultor at local and international galleries.


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