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Ahmaad Aspen Grant. (Born February 14, 1995)[2] Better known by his stage name Ahmaad Aspen (/a-hmaa(d)/ or /ah-ma-ad/ is a Bahamian[3] Trinidadian singer, actor and songwriter. Born in Freeport, Bahamas his career began at age of 5 when he started singing which led to him writing his own songs. The teen has already managed to build a local and some global fan base with the release of his first single. Love Like No Tomorrow in 2012 which toppled the music charts in The Bahamas. In the early stages of his life Ahmaad started to develop his love for music by watching his grandmother sing at church and play the piano at home with him. At eight yrs old he started to discover his very own musical talents and started writing and singing his own music. About a year later Ahmaad[4] and his two school mates started singing with a lot of help from there music teacher. Mrs. Carson who send them through a full scale vocal and singing procedure. The 3 went on singing at festivals, concerts, basketball games, and fundraisers [5] in a group called "Boy Train Melt Down"[6] But later then decided to become solo artist but stays in contact with each other. While he continues to write his music[7] and produce songs through Acoustica mixcraft 6 pro studio edition the artist was dedicated to keep going. At a young age his mother taught him how to manage an save his money to create his very own studio With just a $80 usb condenser microphone and $270 laptop with free recording software program he began to take things into his own hands and create a name for himself. "I started to put my music on Soundcloud[8], Myspace, Tumblr, And then Twitter" He said I also make and effort to promote myself as a result i created a name for myself and started growing my fan base.[9]

As he continues to make music and write songs independently. His love for music grew stronger everyday. he went from wondering what it would feel like to perform to performing in front of hundreds and thousands. The young teen has a long way to go and to come, hard work and dedication is all you need. Ahmaad Aspen has gotten into contact with well known artist such as: Meek Mill, Amy Millan, Movado,Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Afie Jurvanen, Skripturez, Usher, Elton John and many more. Ahmaad is also best friends with Award winning contemporary R&B, pop and Blue-eyed soul singer-songwriter. Natalie Brown Who helps him the the upbringing and maturing of his music.

Ahmaad became best friends with Award winning contemporary R&B, pop and Blue-eyed soul singer-songwriter. Natalie Brown back in 2012 Who helps him the upbringing and maturing of his music.

Life & Career[edit]

1996–2012 Early Life[edit]

Ahmaad Aspen Grant was born on February 14. Freeport, Bahamas to his mother Carmella Grant is a Bahamian American accountant and security officer, and his father Craig Edwards a self-employed company owner at CJ's Construction of Trinidadian and Bahamian descent. Ahmaad has 2 sisters Shannon Grant, Ashley Archer and 2 half-sisters Tamia & Myha Edwards and 1 half-brother Craig Edwards Jr from his father side, each born to different mothers from his previous relationships. He grew up in a 7 bedroom home in freeport as a result in there first home burning down and sold snacks in liquor in his grand fathers restaurant. Ahmaad's childhood was deeply affected with his father not being in his life all he was interested in was Sex and Money at the time, his parents were never married. Ahmaad[10] grew up listening to Pop, R&b, Soul and smooth jazz music and began singing around the age of six. He attended Lewis Yard Primary School and St. Georges' High School where studied alongside. Dr. Annily Coackly & Mrs. Carson and formed a musical trio with two of his classmates. Ahmaad was a cadet in the Governor General Youth Award program, after completing the program Ahmaad went on following his musical career.

2012–2013 New beginning and early release[edit]

In January Ahmaad met R&b, Pop, Soul singer Natalie Brown in The Bahamas he just loved her music and vocals so he started tweeting her and the two hit off from there sending each other messages back to back everyday. You could say they were like a couple. She helped and showed him how to groom and tame his music and they then became best friends. Ahmaad then spent the next 4 months practicing and working hard on his singing a vocals training while also auditioning for The X Factor and America's Got Talent he nearly worked himself to death. On February 11, 2013 he came in contact with the Anaconda singer Nicki Minaj who gave him some visual guidance on the music industry and what he has ahead of him.

2013 - 2014 #The KP[edit]

In December 2013 Aspen released his debut album #The KP, his single Fancy[11] was featured on along with a song from a Major Label artist in a promo only radio TV series. His song have been played radio world wide and online. The Tribune featured him in an article about upcoming talent. Ahmaad marked his milestone with his 2012-2013 tour in The Bahamas. He also toured with Dj SpinKing as the sole opening act and He also made special guest appearances at numerous Festivals, Concerts, TV Shows, and Schools. Ahmaad said. Through out his new carrier he will learn how to be more mature with creating his music and building a new sense of style and fan base because in order for him to better himself he needs to take things slow and then speed it up along the way and by doing that he will achieve his ultimate goal. Ahmaad has came a far way from what his old life was to what his new life is begging to be. His #1 Goal is to become a Pop, R&B superstar of the world..


Music And Voice[edit]

While recording tracks for his first studio album, #The KP (2013), Ahmaad took vocal lessons from Bahamian folk singer Avvy. The experience was amazing he stated, he have never had vocal training in his life and didn't know what to expect, when they were at the house he would tell him how to breath, hold his breath and release. He would shout out big fancy words like legato, staccato and rinforzando and he's there like i don't know what that means but ok. Some of his vocal performance on I'm Leaving (2013) received positive reviews from music singers. Ronnie Butler said Ahmaad has a very unique and wonderful voice its one of kind no other like it. and should keep on doing what he doing.

At the time of his debut, he was marketed Pop,[12] R&B singer because of his Bahamian descent. He began recording songs that were inspired by Bahamian music genres such as soca, dancehall, R&B, and soul. He later departed into a broad range of musical genres such as dance-pop, hip hop, dubstep, country, and house. Some of his songs are also inspired through samples, containing samples from other artists. The combination of Pop and R&B genres on his debut album, #The KP (2013) was complemented by Simon Lewis Of Bahamas B2B, Who said Pop R&B Dancehall sometimes seems like a furiously insular form of music, but Ahmaad is only the latest singer to discover how versatile the genre's spring-loaded electronic rhythms can be. His debut album featured production from various producers. Ahmaad stuck with his Bahamian roots but also infuse a bit of country music with the track. I'm Leaving The ballads on the album were described as elegant and mature, showing his artistic growth.

With #The KP[13] (2013) He wanted to record uptempo and upbeat songs, departing from his Bahamian sound of his early releases, while working with new producer such as Harru and T Money, [At] this stage I feel like I want to do a lot of upbeat songs but still be soulful at the same time. he said. He also branched out into house music.


Ahmaad Aspen has named Mindless Behavior as his idol. biggest influence ever. he said right when he was going to breakdown and quit music Mindless Behavior came right in and stopped him. He wanted to be just like them and they inspired him to keep going after his dream. Mindless Behavior was wonderful inspiration for him, especially on his earlier work. If he had to examine their evolution through time they grew up and reinvented their clothing style and music with success every single time. And at the same time remained a real force in the entertainment industry and in the whole world he will always be a part of Team Mindless. He also cites that Katy Perry and John Legend as major influences and idols of Rihanna.[14] Ahmaad has commented that [s]he was one of the first female pop icons that he could relate to. Ahmaad has said that Rock, Pop and country singer Bonnie Tyler has a huge impact on his style and also complimented on the singers artistry as well. Ahmaad was inspired to start his career after watching Mindless Behavior on television and YouTube.

Ahmaad commented that Cyndi Lauper served as visual inspiration for music and style. Other musical influences include Michael Jackson, Drake, Tyga, Usher, Pink, Celine Dion, Ralph Carter, Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum. Rashad Rolle of The Tribune commented. Ahmaad Aspen is becoming a sensation everywhere and is really starting to break out.

Ahmaad's music contains[15] strong influences of Bahamian music, including R&b and Pop. He stated that while growing up in the Bahamas he listened to soco, reggae and dancehall music, and when he visited to the United States he was exposed to many different types of music. Ahmaad is heavily influenced by the Boy band Mindless Behavior He stated. there my favorite artists of all time. They really paved the pathway for every other artist out in The Bahamas. Ahmaad thanks Mindless Behavior for everything they have done for him.

Legacy and Influence[edit]

Ahmaad first album established him as Pop/R&b Joker by music critics[16] James S Lawrence described his first album #The KP as the most funniest and saddest thing that 2013/14 is likely to produce. His single Fancy. famous for its. We Heading To A Fancy Affair They Dress All Nice Out There White Shoes Bow Ties Balls Gowns We Dressing Fancy Tonight.[17] chorus, is considered by Rolling Stone to be one of the 500 greatest songs of all time and received critical acclaim.


Studio albums[edit]

List of albums, with selected chart positions
TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsSales
#The KP__
  • US: 110,000
"—" denotes items that did not chart or were not released.


  • November 9, 2014 Trangler Box[18]
  • November 25, 2013 Fancy
  • December 23, 2013 12 Days Of Christmas (Remixed)
  • May 4, 2012 Love Like No Tomorrow


  • 2012-13: Starlight (10 days)

Awards And Nominations[edit]

BMA (Bahamas Music Award)[edit]

2013Ahmaad AspenBest Male R&b ArtistWon
2013Ahmaad AspenBest Original R&b Country MixNominated

BIA (Bahamian Icon Awards)[edit]

2013Ahmaad AspenEntertainmentNominated
Shorty Awards[edit]
2014Ahmaad AspenMusic [19]Nominated
2014Ahmaad AspenSingerNominated
2014Ahmaad AspenActorNominated



2014Rio 2Additional VoicesVoice

External links[edit]


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