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Adam Smith (born 26 August 1990) is an English young entrepreneur, mentor and public speaker based in Fareham, Hampshire. Adam founded his first company at the age of 16. He has also been a judge at a national business competition [3].


Smith was born in Portsmouth in August 1990. Smith attended Henry Cort Community College in Fareham, leaving in 2006 to study an IT course at Fareham College. It was from his bedroom Smith started his first company Damteq Solutions Ltd. in 2006, a creative website design and marketing company. Adam has won awards and had publications written in Portsmouth News[1] and the Southern Daily Echo,[2] both speaking of his fantastic success as a young person in business.


  • Highbury students to pitch business at the IoD [4]
  • Prize winning Adam’s digital agency is up for another award [5]
  • From bedroom to boardroom: young entrepreneur tells his success story [6]


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