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Aasis Vinayak PG (born July 7, 1988) is a programmer, columnist, ethical hacker and a free software activist. He is the developer of V language[1]. The project lured many developers when various magazines and newspapers carried stories about the same. [2]He does programming in the open source domain[3]. He is active both in Theoretical Physics and Computer Science.

He is the CEO and developer of an Indian Language Search Engine[4] , Mozhi, and The Analyst Magazine, through which he extended the philosophies of GNU[5]. He is also a columnist in Digit [6], a technology magazine in India, and Linux for You[7]. He is well-known for his expertise in PHP [8] and Kernel [9], as well as in advanced C (programming language) and Java programming language. He also writes columns for I.T. Magazine and BenefIT[10][11]. He is also a budding physicist having got many achievements in the branch to his credit.

Recently , in 2008, he developed a new computer language V [12]which ,he claims, can replace the necessity to learn multiple programming languages. Though the libraries of the program is open only to the developers, netizans can try a web version of the language in an online platform called Grogammer [13].


He is well known for his knowledge in open source computing. He became popular through his writings in leading technology magazines in India. His columns received good response from the readers.[14]His columns include

  • From a hacker's diary in Digit Magazine[15]
  • A Voyage to Kernel in Linux for You[16]
  • Intelligent Solutions in I.T. Magazine
  • Empower your business in BenefIT[17]

Apart from his regular columns, he is also doing reviews for newspapers and magazines in India.


Initially he was active only in physics, but an attack by an impersonator (over internet) who disguised himself as a reputed physicist, made Vinayak interested in Computing[18]. In fact, he was deceived by the impersonator and that fetched him many troubles as he believed the impersonator. His intention was to solve the issues related to cyber crimes.

After developing interest in computing Vinayak became active in the free software community and he released his softwares in open source platforms[19].And his works received appreciations from scientists and developers in the field[20].


He has many publications to his credit[21]. He has four papers in theoretical physics[22]. Works in physics fetched him many awards and appreciations; even from the President of India[23] , Chief Minister of the state of Kerala and Governor of the state of Tamil Nadu[24]. He is currently an NIUS fellow in Physics at HBCSE, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India.

Other fields

He maintains more than 12 websites, most of them are used for hosting his own projects. He launched The Analyst Magazine to "build an environment where one could find quality analysis reports of current events and other educational resources for free". The venture was well appreciated by people in the free software community and even by Richard M Stallman [25]

He also maintains Free Lecture Notes [26] that he found in association with the Free Software Foundation [27].

He also launched Evolutionary Communism to voice his ideas in politics[28].

He recently filed a patent for a novel anti theft device [29]


A Screen shot of V language (splash screen) executor

He is currently an undergraduate in Physics at Loyola College, Chennai, India. He is active both in Physics and Computer Science[30].

Apart from being an NIUS fellow in Physics at the reputed HBCSE of TIFR, he is a dedicated free software activist. After developing the language V, he is now working on the alpha release of an 'intelligent search engine', Integle[31].


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